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Made this about a year ago for Multimedia Design class. We had to "show understanding of colors (using a Flash... thingy)". No sound, some strangeness with the "background" objects being visible... and yes, I realize you all know this about colors; but hey, lemme show off my Flash skillz, willya? YOU try making an interactive, informative, shape-tweening, and somehow creative "tutorial" about colors in 1 week! (Hee hee, this is what I LOVE doing. Flash = fun. ^_^ me = nerd )

I'm rather sad that I can't find my favorite piece from MMD class, we had to animate a sound clip... mine was 5 minutes, unlooped! I spent weeks after school finishing it! I think what happened was, I ran out of student disk space, and saved it to the desktop. Come next semester, it promptly got deleted. *cries* I DO have a half-finished version of in on disk... maybe I'll work on that... (and hope my comp doesn't crash from overuse of shape-tweening. X_x )
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JoeyGirl1420 Featured By Owner May 28, 2009
I spot a YuGiOh fan... ^^
whitepaws Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2003
Cripes... I don't know how to work with Flash period. Very amazing, Yahriel! ^_^ 'Tis very nice indeed. :w00t: I loved clicking on the animation and seeing everything move and such. Nicely done, yep! :D

Thank the gods I don't need to take this kinda course or I'd fail... me, graphics animation, and programming just don't mix. :X
DarkAngelYahriel Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2003
Yay! *marks up 1 more on under "likes interactivity" * Interactivity ish good.. wish those bish pics could be " interactive"... O_o :drool: Idea... but I probably won't do it. I'm a little shy about MAKING that sorta thing.. :blush: *draw a knife* NOT A PANSY! *ahem*
Heehee.. different ppl are have diff. likes. graphics, animation and programming are most likely going to be my career. :nod: *hugs her graphics programs, all [min] 2.5 GB of them*
I really MUST finish that one I that got deleted... it was so perdyful! :cries:
Sank yoo for review. You have cookie? :cookie:
loonylucifer Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
I like the tertiary colors section. EGG GOO!!!! Hehee.
I'd like to learn how to make animations in Flash.
Is there a special program you have to download? I know i can -veiw- flash (on my new computer), I just don't know how to -make- flash.......*ponder*
Anyways, that was cute! You must've put a ton of work into that.
DarkAngelYahriel Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2003
Teehee. The eggs were fun to make. (a little bit of a pain, there's no "oval" radial gradient)Flash is fun!
And yes, you need a special program to make it... we used "Macromedia Flash MX", probably because it's an industry standard (and b/c Marcomedia made the Flash thing to begin with). It'd be, like $100 with student discount, and only CompUSA sells it "in the real world" . Swish is another I've tinkered with, but it seemed to lack many features of Flash MX. I know there's others... just look on web (media) development sites. ^_^
Thanks for commenting! ^_^ (I honestly didn't think ppl would comment, I mean it's about Colors.. X_x )
nekog Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003
This reminds me of my art history class when we took a lesson on colors and the basics of it all. I don't seen how you can have a test on colors but yeah..we did. This would be a good reveiw for a class like that!
InuChan0523 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003
ahh! for cute!! that's soo cool! i can't wait how to learn flash
Yola Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2003
Heck, you did that in Flash??? Damn... I hate Flash... but I have to work in it! :stab:
I wish I had your Flash-skills! :nod: It's a very cool animation!
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November 23, 2003
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